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The gear motor to 12 Volt has been developed for various applications in agriculture, in particular for the exclusion of the rows of pneumatic seed drills.
Can also be applied for the handling of ball valves for the sector spraying, is simply to close the ON-OFF that for the proportional adjustment.
The installer must assembler motor with the available 4 screws to the structure of the machine, so that the axis of the gear motor is perfectly in axis with the part to be moved, with a maximum tolerance of +/-1 mm so as not to damage to the gears of the motor itself.
It's possible to set the rotation step by step of 5 ° as shown in the picture, the default of rotation is of factory is set to 180 °. 
The motor is available in the standard version 00MTR 4022 with a 2-wire cable and connector for controlling the motor to reverse polarity.
In case of special applications other than those described in this publication, please consult MC Electronics.

On request it's also available version without microswitch, (continuous rotation).

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