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MC Elettronica CAN-BUS (ECUs) control units are designed to monitor and control various agricultural machines and more functions.

Depending on the model, ECUs have different input and output types to manage electromechanical sensors and devices.

All ECUs can be customized upon request. In addition, MC Elettronica offers a complete custom design service for the creation and optimization of any type of ECU.

ECUs are the core of the new MC Elettronica monitoring and controlling systems.

Upon request, all ECUs can be delivered with an ISOBUS 11783 configuration, to get direct interface with ISOBUS Virtual Terminals supplied as standard on the latest generation tractors.


The ISOBUS system is the international standard described in the ISO11783 regulatrion, which sets out the protocols for computer data exchange in the field of agricultural machinery. This standard means that the various electronic equipment on the agricultural machine, regardless of the manufacturer, can exchange information and interact. You will be able to have a single monitor in the tractor cabin by which you can view information and send commands to any connected equipment.


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