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Precision Farming Equipment

Discover our portfolio of farming equipment for seeders, sprayers and combine harvesters using latest connection standards with ECU and GPS systems for tractors.

We design and produce computers, control monitors, tractors ECU, hectare counters and wide range of precision farming sensors and monitoring devices connected with GPS systems and electronic equipment using modern ISOBUS and CAN BUS interfaces.

We provide highly technological devices for agricultural equipment manufacturers. Our product line includes most popular precision farming equipment for agricultural machinery based on latest GPS systems for tractors and wide range of ECU models installed on agrimotors.

We continue to improve our product assortment to cover all particular operational areas in agricultural sector.

MC Elettronica represents new generation of farming equipment with higher level of accuracy and flexibility. Our computers permit all-round control, monitoring and management of agricultural processes.

New generation of precision agriculture sensors will help make exact and quick calculations. Extended compatibility with ISOBUS systems and tractor ECUs ensures easy plug-and-play integration of our devices.

All our product pass complete testing to verify declared features and technical characteristics including software and hardware stability in the field. Every product passed additional testing and improvements of the most important working parameters to improve accuracy and stability of farming equipment.

MC Elettronica devices include software with the high level of customization to meet highest customer's demands. Elaborated software allows management of multipurpose operations installing additional ECUs for required parts of the tractor. Highly sophisticated intelligence systems using precision farming sensors brings highest level of automation increasing efficiency and productivity.

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