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UNIVERSAL monitor and instruments

We pay particular attention to our product portfolio management, offering reliable solutions for precision agriculture equipment in our universal product line. Our tasks is to develop products as problem-solving and customer-oriented tools, capable to satisfy client's needs in high-tech equipment for agricultural machinery and precision farming to optimize his business.

Key aspects of our success are innovative production and implementation of new smart technologies and developing universal agriculural solutions represented in our precision equipment of universal farming purpose: hectare and counters, calendars, universal monitors and computers, lifter controls, speed indicators, yield monitoring devices and other high precision equipment  for agricultural machinery.

Representing highest standards of ISOBUS compatibility, our Universal line of precision agriculture equipment are capable to manage any vehicles, schedule and report the occurrence of events and maintenances, view additional data, simplify command control. These are small sized and high performance to set and manage all necessary data for your purpose. The devices are much simpler comparing to seeding, spraying and harvesting specialized tools. We support our clients with the full range of accessories and efficient service.

Besides precision and safety, our universal agricultural equipment provides high quality construction, smart design and simple ergonomic control over required processes. Our universal devices will accomplish technological upgrades for your machinery, providing fast and easy operation control and data collection.

We are searching to simplify and fasten all operations in the field. Working on smart and easy interface, command control and calculation we optimize and upgrade your farming equipment with functional devices.

All our products passed complete operational tests to guarantee claimed technical parameters and features like operating temperatures, protection degree, water resistance and durability. MC Elettronica seeks to provide equipment for agricultural vehicles capable to perform operations with maximum precision in measurements and regulation.

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