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RATIO FX Fertilizer spreaders

Fertilizer spreaders


Virtual terminal Ratio FX offers a perfect blend of electronic spreader control and fertilizer monitoring system performing precise distribution of granular product according to feed rate in kilos per hectare. Ratio FX system features 7” graphic color touch screen and I/O ECU to control the linear electric actuators connected to the right and left vents of the spreaders. A third output is available for auxiliary electric actuator.
In addition to the output settings, 2 sensors check the correct spreader’s disc rotation with a relative acoustic alarm if it is below the minimum threshold. Ratio FX fertilizer monitoring system can be programmed to work in automatic and manual mode, providing you the possibility to manage 8 sections (4 of them on the right side and 4 on the left one) with appropriate spreading disk suitable for electronic control, total amount of distributed product and fertilizer reserve. Integration of load cells allows direct control of the product present in the spreader tank.

Virtual Terminal RATIO FX can be combined with main GPS devices on the market for automatic actuator management to avoid waste (variable rate technology) and overlapping on the treated area
(automatic exclusion). Remote Assistance Service (RAS) module is available allowing recording workflows for a single field or acting as a fertilizer monitoring system controlling distant traces of fertilizer spreads.
Subsequently, recorded data can be downloaded via SD Card or through a CLOUD service (upon request) using internet access with a dedicated password.

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