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Varie Applicazioni

The new Virtual Terminals series SLIM 3.5” and 7” with proprietary operating system, available in both the stand-alone and built-in version, featuring a modern, compact, light and ergonomic case, ONLY 25 mm thick, join the already wide range of MC elettronica products.

Universal and modular terminals that can be used on different types of agricultural equipment and machines thanks to the CAN-BUS communication technology.

The luminous LCD touch-screen display, factory-fitted on the VT 7” and available as an option on the VT 3.5”, allows all the machine functions to be monitored even under conditions of direct sunlight and with dedicated lighting in night mode.

A special feature of the SLIM series is the 2 multi-colour (RGB) LED side status bars (RGB) that display alarm conditions or other warnings in real time.

The SLIM Virtual Terminals are equipped with slots for a micro SD card and a USB pen-drive, through which the management software can be updated and all working data can be loaded-downloaded.

The SLIM Virtual Terminals feature a CAN-BUS 2.0B communication line (250 or 500 Kbps) that interfaces with electronic control units (ECUs) supplied by MC Elettronica or with the customer’s proprietary ECUs (subject to technical definition in collaboration with MC Elettronica).

MC elettronica has developed an “Application Tool” so that customer can develop SW for machine applications on their own in the versions with proprietary operating system.

The SLIM Virtual Terminals may be combined with the main GPS devices on the market, for automatic control of rows and sections.

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