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Varie Applicazioni

The ECU BRIDGE ISOBUS allows to interface the MC electronic control seeder systems with any UNIVERSAL TERMINAL or tractor ISOBUS (with various brands and characteristics) upon to technical evaluation.

The ECU BRIDGE ISOBUS communicates to the MC electronic systems through a proprietary CAN protocol and transmits the information, revised according to the ISO 11783/6 communication protocol, to the VT ISOBUS mounted on the tractor. On the VT ISOBUS will be displayed the software application to manage the specific implement. 



● Possibility to connect the electronic control systems of MC Electronics to any VT ISOBUS or Tractor (with different brand and features);

● Possibility to make ISOBUS-compliant the eletronic control systems of MC Electronics.


MC Electronics has developed the ECU BRIDGE ISOBUS for the control and management of ELECTRICED SEED DRILLS (VRT system), allowing accurate seeding control through sensors and control units.

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