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UC 50 Control Panels

Spray booms

New control panels Series UC 50 can be applied on sprayers, atomizers and Straddle type of self-propelled or towed and allows to operator quick and comfortable management of water sections and hydraulic functions.

MC Elettronica propose 2 standard shapes: H12LP (with 12 keys and 12 LEDs) and H24P (with 24 keys). Customized serigraphy is available to be applied on control panel or to choose one or more ECU to be connected in CAN BUS network, in order to obtain the desired functions, one of them is the solenoid valves activation.

Available models are:

C-HY7 command to manage 7 hydraulic functions (extensible up to 12 functions on request). Reference version H24-P with 24 keys;

C-H7 command to manage 7 water sections (extensible up to 9 sections on request). Reference version H12LP with 12 keys and 12 led.

Both models can operate in Stand-alone version (with relative water section control unit + main + pressure “ECU M9" model and hydraulic functions control unit + bypass “ECU EV-16" model) or used with any monitor provided in CAN-BUS version.

The stand-alone version is composed of command, control unit, wiring.

The maximum configuration for machine is available with up to 4 control panels and 4 control units

MC Elettronica can realize any personalization on request.

  • Power supply voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Max current absorption: 170 mA (with LED); 50 mA (without LED)
  • Communication net: CAN BUS (2.0B type)
  • Connectors: Sicma 5-way male; Sicma 5-way female
  • Dimensions: 224 x 52 x 37.5 mm
  • Indicative weight: 0,300 Kg

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