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SEEDING Control Monitor

Monitor and seed / fertilizer blockage sensors


Our expertise in production of seeding control monitors made us trendsetters in precision agriculture sector and inspired us to create new generation of products for ISOBUS planter. Increasing efficiency and overall performance of farming, ISOBUS planter monitor from MC Elettronica set new standards of seeding control on the international market.

Seed blockage sensors and seeding control monitors manufactured and tested according to highest requirements provide everything-you-need solution for high quality grain management system.

Guided by many years of experience in developing electronic equipment for agricultural sector, we produce high-quality systems for planter monitoring in the field.

MC Elettronica develops advanced technologies for variable rate seeding to develop new perspective strategies for modern agriculture. Forward looking farmers already discovered the benefits of variable rate seeding strategy to increase yields and returns on investment. New insights on ISOBUS planter monitoring and widespread application of GPS open new horizons for application of variable rate seeding. We pay particular attention to provide dedicated product line introducing all benefits of variable rate agricultural technologies for precision farming.

We consider that seeding controls demand much more attention and research, so we developed new technologies for fertilizer monitoring and studied advanced ways to improve accuracy of grain blockage. As a result, MC Elettronica represents new line of seed and fertilizer blockage sensors providing irreplaceable assistance for the farmer who seeks productivity and economic performance increase.

We are proud to introduce new blockage monitor for planter control with high level of customization for agricultural machinery. Our devices are equipped with modern hardware and functional software: large high-contrast color displays with touch screen function and long-standing components made of high quality materials. While reliable software with simple and clear interface guarantees detailed control of seeding and easy use by operator. Functional yet simple software is capable to perform multiple calculations and manifold automated control including Variable Rate technology. Our equipment is compatible with third party electronic devices including main GPS navigators on the market while planter monitoring devices are supplied with latest ISOBUS advancements to optimize fertilizer and seed blockage processing and increase agriculture efficiency.

Our seeding control monitors pass series of comprehensive tests to confirm declared technical characteristics and features including software stability and compatibility, protection rating and durability. New seed blockage monitors were tested in the field demonstrating precise detection parameters and high capability for universal sowing. Our monitors and sensors work with grain of any measure or form and guarantee correct dozing and variable rate seeding distribution.

MC Elettronica provides seed monitoring systems equipped with all necessary means for more efficient, accurate and comfortable work of seeders. Optimizing utilization of fertilizers, grain blockage technologies, fuel and time we decrease waste and protect the environment. Combining variable rate seeding and newest precision farming solutions give us new challenges and opportunities to introduce seeding technologies of the future.

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