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USC-PRO SYSTEM - Universal Seeder Control


MC Elettronica is proud to present new equipment using variable rate technology, designed in-house for a wide range of seed monitoring systems in agricultural machinery including air seeders.
Universal Seeder Control (USC-PRO) is a seed monitoring system for air seeders blending simple and flexible features with modular and high-tech structure.

New! Fitting the USC-PRO system with the new PRO-SEEDER seed sensors, which allow you to count and check the seed flow, ELIMINATES SEED DRILL CALIBRATION. 

The USC-PRO system is a comprehensive solution that incorporates complete set of features including:

 - Blockage Monitor (BM) monitoring the passage of seeds or granular fertilizer.
   Replacing the Blockage Sensor, you can use the new PRO-SEEDER photocells, which allow you to count and verify the passage of seeds.

 - Variable rate seeding technology (VRT) ensures precise control of distribution according to the feed-rate (DPA), thanks to the use of an electric motor and the Tramline feature. It is used to perform a row shut-off near the tractor wheels for the sprayer’s subsequent passage.

 The electrification of sowing element is the innovation that is easiest to apply, since it essentially involves replacing the mechanical transmission with electric motors.

- The system is set-up to be interfaced with the main GPS devices on the market (e.g. Trimble, Topcon, AVMap, etc.). USC-PRO is interfaced with GPS in order to manage closing of the rows automatically and avoid overlapped sowing to save on seeds




  • Increased sowing precision as a result of eliminating mechanical tolerances;
  • Reduction in maintenance times;
  • Higher level of safety for the operator due to the lower number of moving mechanical parts;
  • Guaranteed precision of sowing with every field turn including prevention of seed waste.



  • The modularity offered by the system enables you to select the desired components to be installed on the air seeders, connect them to the network and configure them with the MC Elettronica systems or other systems on the market;
  • The production speed to assemble the machines meets requirements of end customers, adjusting to different geographical areas;
  • Optional: ECU-BRIDGE module. This module combined with standard components of the system makes the seed drill compatible with ISO-BUS 11783 system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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