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PRO-SEEDER seeds counter sensor


Precise, modular and versatile photocell, allows COUNTING and testing the seeds passage for each single row for seed drills, with automatic dust compensation.

For correct work of seed counter sensor, the PRO-SEEDER photocells are connected to the respective electronic control unit, before starting to work they execute self-test of correct functionality.


Two versions are available: 

- the analog version with impulsive output. Each single photocell connects directly to the control unit;

- the CAN BUS version allows the interconnection between the photocells, resulting in a reduction of the cables to the control unit.




  • Is no more necessary the seeder calibration, because is possible to set the number of seeds/ha instead than Kg/ha.
  • Modularity of the PRO-SEEDER photocell allows to interface with MC Elettronica system, or other systems present on the market;
  • Counting precision allows to determine the amount of seeds on each row with ACCURACY equal to 95%;
  • Easy installation and quick cleaning thanks to 2 fork, that allows to unhook the photocell from the pipe;
  • Check the operating status of each single seed row;
  • Automatic adjustment according to the seed's type;
  • Diagnostic management. 


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