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MC Elettronica TCS 32 model for seed drills is a universal valve for tramline operation shutting-off pneumatic seed drills as well as functioning in automatic mode with GPS system. This electric motorized valve works using 3 ways featuring internal rotary “guillotine” system allows an ON / OFF operation type. Suitable to pneumatic seed drills (positive pressure), allowing the operator to rows shut-off when Tramline  valve operation is required or in automatic mode with GPS system.

Valve is available in standard version with two wires polarity reverse or in CAN BUS version for daisy chain configuration.

Valve adapts perfectly to various models and brands of seeders, present on the market.






  • MODULARITY: the valve TCS 32 can be interfaced to MC Elettronica’s systems or to other system, present on the market.  
  • VERSATILE: easy installation and quick cleaning thanks to the fork, that allows to unhook the valve from the pipe.

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