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S4 system


S4 electronic system for pneumatic seeders allows to control the dosage of the product in automatic mode. In addition, you can monitor the seeds passage on a maximum of 4 seeding rows.

Benefit of the system is the possibility to divide the machine into 4 independent sectors, controlling special actuators for opening or closing the doors above the distributors.
The system allows the management of periodic Tramline function closing seeding rows.


  • Virtual Terminal Slim 3.5": color graphic display for monitoring and manage the system; with sliding menus in different languages, advanced diagnostic functions, text and acoustic alarms and equipped with colour light bars indicating the status of the system.

  • Ecu Tram Line: the ECU unit dedicated to the management of the Tramline (seeding rows exclusion) and all the ancillary functions (monitoring blowers and Hoppers, piloting actuators calibration doors, etc.). Available for all widths of seeders and valves or electric actuators.

  • Ecu DC Motor: dedicated to motor speed control.

  • BLOCKAGE SENSORS: blockage photocells allow to check the ON/OFF passage or clogging of granular fertilizer or seeds, even in conditions of high dust, thanks to the ADC (automatic dust compensation) system in pneumatic seeders, provided that the duct is the same diameter as the photocell.
    They are available in analog models with a diameter of 25 mm and 38 mm.

  • Tramline motorized valves: to be connected to the relative ECU, allow the exclusion of the seeding rows.

  • The system designed to be interfaced with the main ISOBUS GPS on the market.


  • Reduced working time, thanks to quick and intuitive settings.

  • Total control of the sowing operation and of Tram line function.

  • The system can be installed on any pneumatic Seeder.

  • By adding the ECU bridge module to the standard system components, the Seeder becomes isobus compatible using the Universal terminals on the tractors.


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