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Best seeds sensors on the international market

Our photocells provide advanced performance and high precision of agriculture sensors in seed tubes. MC Elettronica offers a wide range of photocells in standard version (3 wires) and in can-bus version (4 and 5 wires) to be applied to any kind of seed drill tubes. Our seed sensors are designed for application on pneumatic drills of 12 rows to maintain high performance and operational control of seeding process.

A special photocell is also suitable for reading small seeds, such as carrots, lettuce, radishes, etc.

For specific applications, MC Elettronica can customize them according to OEM customer demands.



ADC "Automatic Dust Compensation" is a new technology that has been implemented in the latest generation of MC Elettronica seeds sensors, which allows to read 100% of the seeds, even in harsh working conditions with with extensive dust.


Thanks to the sophisticated technologies and the expertise we managed to achieve following benefits:

  • Reduced seeding time;
  • Elimination of wasted seeds;
  • Increased crop yield;
  • Increased safety at work;
  • Operator comfort.

Our products present higher level of autocontrol and precision when controlling seed sensors and seed tubes interaction. Monitoring all ongoing processes we guarantee best conditions of seeding on any soil and in any condition.


Our seed sensors are adjustable to any type of installation:

  • Seed sensors can be installed in specific brackets -  Customization possibility for any machine brand;
  • Seed tube sensors to be mounted external from the seed tubes;
  • Seed sensors can be installed directly on the disc;
  • Blockage sensors for fertilizer and seeds mounted on the lines of the air seeder with custom adapter on request (standard model diameter 30 mm and 45 mm).


Our seed sensors provide all necessary means to improve and simplify the seeding process. Here are some of their key features:

  • Reliability and precision;
  • Universal and adaptable to all seed tubes and drill tubes;
  • High performance even in harsh working conditions;
  • Prolonged cleaning and maintenance intervals;
  • Optical performance for all types of seeds.


With MC Elettronica seed sensors is obtained the highest precision on Multiple Seed Types!

High precision agricultural sensors by MC Elettronica count seeding population during planting, providing confidence that your row units are working properly and seeds are being placed for optimum yield potential.




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