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D45 Blockage Sensor


The D45 BLOCKAGE sensor to be installed on pneumatic or mechanical seed drills, allow the operator to check the ON/OFF flow or clogging of granular fertiliser or seeds, also in condition of high dust, thanks to the system ADC (Automatic Dust Compensation) provided that the pipe is the same diameter of the photocell.

On the photocell body 1 or 2 leds indicate(s) when it is powered, the output signal and the cleanings status.

For photocell cleaning, a rapid U-shaped clip allows the release of the photocell from the pipe. To install, simply insert the photocell directly on the plastic/rubber pipe with fittings corresponding to the diameter of the pipe.
For different pipes other than the models available, MC Elettronica can produce custom adapters made in technopolymer upon OEM customer request.

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