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BMC System - Blockage Monitor Counter


Blockage Monitor Counter system (BMC) for seeders, it’s a CAN BUS and ISOBUS system that allow to monitoring the passage of the product (seeds or granular fertylizer) with Blockage Sensors.
Replacing the Blockage Sensors with the new PRO-SEEDER sensors, it’s possible to count the seeds, setting the monitoring of number of seeds per square meter instead than kilos of seeds per hectare.

Multiple configuration possibilities are possible which allow the simultaneous monitoring of up to two types of independent products (seeds and granular fertilizer), each with its own settings and timings.

Through sensors is possible to monitoring of the speed of the seeder, working position, detecting the speed of rotation of one or two blowers and exhaustion of the product to be placed in the hopper sensors. Other sensors can be added.
Other features are: the measure of the treated area and the possibility of software upgrades via SD Card.

- Virtual Terminal: color graphic display 3.5 ", with menu in various language, advanced diagnostic functions, text and bright color bars alerts that indicate the status of the system and acoustic signals.

- BMC ECU Gateway: The BMC ECU GATEWAY allows to connect up to a maximum of 100 Blockage or Pro-Seeder sensors and monitoring of the advance sensor, WORK sensor, level sensor and the blower sensor. The BMC system can be composed of up to a maximum of 2 BMC ECU GATEWAY (seeds + fertilizer).

- BMC ISOBUS ECU BRIDGE: The BMC ISOBUS ECU BRIDGE allows the ISOBUS compatibility of the system, maintaining the same standard components of the system, only replacing the VT 3.5 ".

- PRO-SEEDER sensors: allows to count and to monitor the flow of seeds and granular fertylizer in each seeding tube, even in high dust conditions, thanks to ADC system (Automatic Dust Compensation); are compatible with the majority of sowing tubes present in the market thanks to various adapters available.

- BLOCKAGE sensors: they are used to verify the passage ON / OFF or the clogging of granular fertilizer or seeds, even in conditions of high dust, thanks to the ADC system. The sensors are compatible with the majority of sowing tubes present in the market thanks to various adapters available


  • Increased sowing quality and speed, monitoring the number of seeds per square meter, considerably increases the seeding precision respect to kg/ha measure
  • Product saving, easy detection of sowing anomalies and of the partial reductions in the flow through with a monitor alarm.
  • Maintenance time reduction, with Blockage e Pro-Seeder sensors reduces cleaning time increasing the daily yield.
  • The transition from the standard version to the ISOBUS version is simplified thanks to the innovative ECU BRIDGE ISOBUS.
  • Virtual Terminal 3.5 " bright colour LCD display in a compact design, keyboard backlit with 7 keys, suitable for all working conditions.
  • Easy and immediate installation and maintenance of the system.
  • The CAN-BUS system Communication with link to the Daisy Chain network, greatly reducing the wiring to install.
  • Monitoring up to a maximum of 100 Blockage or Pro-Seeder sensors for ECU, and up to 2 ECU connected to the same monitor
  • Modular system with the possibility to add additional inputs choosing the desired components.

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