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HARVESTING Control Monitor

We design advanced systems for yield monitoring and control tools for combine harvesters to customize and optimize harvesting equipment. MC Elettronica aims to provide effective and precise equipment for combine harvesters: sieve sensors and straw walker sensors, grain loss monitor, electronic panels to enhance yield monitoring as well as increase productivity and uptime of collecting process. The entire farming ecosystem depends on accuracy and estimation of control for combine harvesters provided by our equipment.

Combine harvester plays the key role in agricultural productivity. We focus on technical features of our electronic devices to increase precision and control of various aspects: grain control, sensors for sieve adjustment, straw walker accuracy, threshing efficiency, monitoring of yield traceability, head control, deflector inclination and more key parameters.

Our control units for combine harvester provide all functions required for high-performance electronic yield control and supervision. All devices are equipped with reliable hardware and software in respect of all required system parameters and features. MC Elettronica equipment provide performance management and automation like cut-to-length combine harvester head control, detector inclination or sieve control system, yield and grain loss monitoring, straw walker level sensor and more unique features.

Advanced sieve sensors and control bar integrated in sophisticated system ensure precise yield monitoring to optimize cleaning system of combine harvester. Unique design and effective integration of sensors in the cleaning system increases overall efficiency of the sieving area.

On request we can customize software adapting it to any operational conditions ensuring best combine harvesting performance with all types of grain on any ground and in any environmental conditions. We aim to simplify and facilitate yield control and settings of our devices helping operators to adapt in shortest time possible.

Our combine harvesting equipment creates new means to develop precision farming and more innovative agricultural technologies for higher yield monitoring and crop quality. We always search for opportunities to develop high-quality products for combines through continuous improvement of the technologies and materials we use and maintain Made in Italy standards of our production.

All our products for combine harvester control pass service testing in the field to confirm high standards introduced to international market. Our electronic equipment designed for harvesting equipment will easily become an effective and handy tool for farmers all over the world. Optimize your equipment performance with our straw walker sensors and sieve sensors, yield monitoring and control units for combine harvesters to gather your ripe crop more efficiently.

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