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SENSORS for combine harvesters

Combine harvester

The MC Electtronica combine sensors are designed to be installed on any brand or model of machine.


Sieve sensors

  • Grain loss sieve sensor high performance & small dimension sensors provide easy installation to the sieve both sides through two screws 8mm. The vetronite sensible table combined with the plastic case provide an acoustic speaker detecting small size grains. Solution suitable to after market installation.
  • Grain loss sieve stainless steel bar sensor is used for a total grain losses control, it is located at the end of sieve full width equiped with n°4 screws anti-vibration kit.


Strawwalker sensors 

  • Strawwalker sensor is inserted inside the straw walkers through support generated during straw walkers construction process. This solution is aimed at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) during design phase following machine mechanical requirement. Possibility to require sensors with relative supportsto fixe on the straw walker extreme sides of the (right & left) thorugh n°4 screws 8mm. This solution is suitable to after market installation.


Return sensor 

  • Return sensor for grain losses optional sensor to detect losses coming from the recovery. With this information it helps the operator to adjust more accurately sieves. The installation of this type of sensor requires a lot of precision. This solution is aimed at Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM.

  • Power supply voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Output signal : NPN / PNP
  • Input signal : Duty
  • Frequency: 40 Hz
  • Protection rating: IP67
  • Operating temperature: -20° +75° C
  • Nominal current absorption: 50 mA

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