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MC 1502

Combine harvester

The new generation CAN-BUS MC 1502  adjusts the upper and lower sieve tilting angle straight from the tractor's cabin by enabling of two linear actuators. The actuator automatically adjusts the set position based on the opening width percentage set by the operator. The unit can be employed with any kind of combine harvester since the actuator controls the sieve lever employing a control cable. The actuator can therefore be installed even on the combine harvesterís side without being cumbersome.



  • Dimensions: 78 x 78 x 38 mm
  • Power supply voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Operating temperature: -20° +75° C
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Vibration: In accordance with EN 60068-2-27 on three axes and EN CEI C20-706

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