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Your key to success!

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the company motivate and feed everyone’s ambitions.

Wherever there are main key elements as:

passion, interest to get high knowledge level, there is future, innovation and excellence.


The main idea of the MC ACADEMY consist in provideing of the right tools to navigate at 360° worldwide electronic MC devices, involving clients and students in technical training, at corporate headquarters.

Technical courses at MC Elettronica headquarter, directed for our customers (OEM, agents, distributors).

Our qualified technicians provide all  theoretical and practical tools about products using and managing, to illustrate the novelty of the moment and the procedures for dealing them as well.

MC Elettronica believes that the professional training of its customers is an essential element to provide the product better qualified and suited to market needs, in compliance with changing regulations.

MC Elettronica,  host  students from high schools and universitiesfor internship programs and offer  them the opportunity to test themselves during their studies.

The internships may be aimed at the realization of the dissertations on topics related to automation and control applications in agriculture as well.

Through this initiative, students have the opportunity to acquire new "SKILLS" crucial for their future choices.


  • Customized training courses
  • Development of new skills
  • Continuous innovation           


The training process is not enclosed inland of the company, we go further ....

We bring the customer in the FIELD, demonstrating the true quality of our products installed on the machines.


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