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Research and development in the sensors field of seed drills

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MC Elettronica has set up a new automated bench for research and development in the sensors field of seed drills.

The bench consists of 2 stations: "count" and "flow", which can also work simultaneously; both are equipped with CNC precision drives and high-capacity data acquisition cards.

The "Count" station simulates the operation of a monogerm precision seeder and allows any actual photocell reading areas to be mapped, simulating sowing frequencies of up to 200Hz with seeds measuring up to a minimum of 1.5 mm; the reading areas can even be mapped at a pitch of 0.1 mm

The "Flow" station simulates the operation of a dispenser of granular fertiliser and allows the response of the sensors in flow conditions from 0.1 to 10 kg/ha with grains of various size to be verified.  The flow can also be concentrated on a limited area in the "Flow" station and which maps the reading areas of the sensors also at a pitch of 0.1 mm.

The automated bench is an indispensable tool that allows MC to verify every new improvement introduced on its sensors even before the final tests are performed on site.


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