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1° Open DAY in MC Elettronica

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 "KIT ESDPresentation


Saturday the 2-nd of December 2017 the first Open Day took place in MC Elettronica, aimed at farm contractors and italian distributors of agricultural machinery, with the intention to present the new "Kit ESD" system for precision seeders.

The day began with a Welcome greeting from the owner of MC Elettronica - Claudio Mantovani, after that his daughter, Sabrina Mantovani, currently Resp. Marketing, has presented the company.

Mr. Mantovani has introduced the concept of "Precision Farming" - precision agriculture farming evolution.

The event continued with the speech of Andrea Bozzolan, Product Manager, who told about KIT ESD, innovative system, which allows to transform any pneumatic precision seeder with mechanical movements in an electrical transmission seeder, with the option to set the sowing distance from the control monitor or using VARIABLE RATE in semi-automatic mode. The system can be interfaced with GPS Trimble device,  manage the prescription maps, sowing with variable rate in automatic modality, avoiding seed overlaps.

Thanks to the participation of Dott. Matteo Piombino, Marketing Manager of "Pioneer Hi-Bred Italia Srl", it was possible to discuss the argument, with the testimonials of the experimental sowing tests in the field, in collaboration with N 2 Agricultural Companies: Mantovani Loris & Lino and Mantovani Alessandro. At the end of the various presentations, the participants were invited to examine the installation of ESD electric motors on two MONOSEM seed drills.

The Open day was concluded with lunch offered by MC Elettronica and with a visit of the companin consequence.

It was a very fruitful day, characterized by an involvement and interesting ideas exchange, with positive results and important feedback for our company. 


Thanks to all our customers, for Your attendance, trust and support.


See You the next Open Day!!!

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