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Precision Agricultural Technologies Production

Production and final testing of electronic equipment for agriculture

progettazione strumenti personalizzati

Producing electronic equipment for agricultural machinery, our company maintains the strategy oriented on agricultural technologies, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Production process is carried out in specially equipped areas with semi-automatic systems for loading and unloading materials applying precise measuring processes.

The final test is carried out on all our products by means of an automated robot that can identify the item and execute all the functional and visual tests on it, according to the specifications of the customer.

The test, which is completely automatic, measures the visual parameters by means of the devices equipped with a video camera, and the functional features through pneumatic tracers, and all other electrical features via input and output controls on the PLC.

Testing procedures are followed with packaging and shipping operations.

High standards in precision agriculture technology combined with rich experience in manufacturing and final testing always helped us to meet most demanding requirements of our customers. We optimize the use of farming machines to reduce time, automate working process and extend your production using reliable agricultural technologies, quality of “Made in Italy” and 35 Years of experience.

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