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The high level of technical knowledge is a fundamental plus of MC Electronics.

progettazione strumenti personalizzati


The most important part of our work at MC Electronics is to have in-depth understanding of the Customer's requirements. Once the product specifications have been defined, the development team create customised projects, which are always strictly linked to a cutting edge technological solution, thus contributing to constant innovation within set costs and timing.

In MC Electronics, time to market is immediate: due to the most innovative technology, every single phase can be followed entirely, from the placing of the order to its completion. Updates, experience, attitude and continuous interaction with the customer well represent the distinctive capacity of MC Electronics.


From the final technical specification, we move on to the operational design, creating "physical" models that enable us to check the sizes and design in real time. All this is done with innovative tools such as 3D rapid prototyping, UV digital modelling and precision assembly of electronic boards.

During the design stages, consideration is already being paid to the series production using automatic assembly systems.



The testing and inspection laboratory plays a key role at MC Elettronica. Qualified engineers can carry out all the necessary pre-compatibility tests to guarantee rigorous compliance with current standards and the quality of the finished product, based on specific requests by the Customer.

  • Test to check the IP protection rating, in compliance with EN/IEC 60529, against infiltration of water and dust
  • Vibration test bench aimed at checking resistance to mechanical stress
  • Climatic test chamber with automatic humidity and temperature monitoring
  • Anechoic test chamber that enables electromagnetic pre-compatibility testing, in compliance with European Directive 2004/108/EC and EN ISO 14982.



Besides undergoing various laboratory tests, the new products developed are also tested DIRECTLY IN THE FIELD to check resistance, usability and correct operation in actual use situations. MC Elettronica has its own field trials  where new products are validated before being delivered to the customer.

To obtain the final certificate, they are tested by certified independent laboratories. Upon obtaining the final validation, products are stamped with the CE mark according to the laws in force in the sector.



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