The industrial production of MC Elettronics

We apply innovative methodologies to industrial production processes


MC Electronics manufactures components and systems for precision farming in islands equipped for small volumes, or in U-shaped production cells for medium volumes, where the materials are arranged in accordance with the work flow, to optimise work times.
The products are manually assembled; their assembly uses the One Piece Flow production method.

The design of the production process is also supported by the use of PFMEA (Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis), guaranteeing OEM customers product repeatability and quality.
The introduction of product or process Poka-Yoke enables the company to guarantee the highest qualitative standards required by the industrial process.

At the end of the line, each product is subjected to a final control thanks to an End of Line Test (EOLT) system, that checks that the quality standards have been fully met.
MC Elettronica adopts two different EOLT categories, depending on production volume: for high volumes, it uses an automatic system; for low volumes, it uses a test system that is guided “step by step” for the operator.

All products at MC Electronics are identified with suitable labels and data matrices that make it possible to track all test outcomes (EOL), historicising them in a database with the aim of using them to perform an SPC (Statistical Process Control) analysis, and, in case of customer returns, being able to perform a prompt analysis of production data, including any re-processing that is also managed and tracked in a database with code/serial number/production order link.

The introduction of the WMS for the advanced management of the warehouse makes it possible to interface with the test database; in this way, the system guarantees with absolute certainty that the products have passed all internal tests successfully before being shipped. In addition, the system tracks the data of the products sent to the customers by individual advice note.

MC Electronics always pays maximum attention to the continuous improvement of assembly lines, process and logistics flows, thanks to the use of the most innovative industrial production process improvement methods, such as KAIZEN and Deming cycle or PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

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