The continuous innovation of MC Elettronics

MC Elettronics is continuously at the researh of innovative solutions, for standard and custom products

MC Electronics has a transversal team of engineers, designers, application and key account specialists, made up of young and dynamic people, who can rely on over 40 years of corporate experience which has consolidated a specific know-how when it comes to engineering sensors and control systems for precision farming machines, in the service of innovation and continuous research of our OEM customers.

Feasibility study & Project management

MC supports the customer until the final definition of the new products’ requirements, conducting in-depth examinations of its customers’ needs and proposing the most effective and innovative solutions.

The feasibility study is followed by the detailed planning of all design phases: rigorous Project Management, synchronised with the customer-defined milestones, makes it possible to keep development costs and times under control, to minimise the time to market.

Periodic design reviews with the customer, during the design’s development phase, make it possible to check the expected performances of the products compared to the initial requirements, thus enabling the company to identify possible problems or deviations early. A thorough root-cause analysis and fact change management actions make it possible to check the design’s development also in the face of unforeseeable events and to comply with the times and costs contained in the offer.

Engineering & Prototypes

MC has latest generation tools for the development of electronic boards and SW (Altium, IAR, Segger, Simulink, Solid Edge) and adopts agile software development methodologies, which, together with the in-depth knowledge and experience of the most modern micro-controllers and Real Time operating systems (ARM Cortex-M), make it possible to create, as fast as possible, functioning prototypes and to check, as early as during the design phase, whether the customers’ requirements have been met.

The MC Electronics team has all the skills for the full in-house development of product hardware, software and mechanics. Should it be necessary to scale the resources or overlap activities to shorten development times, always in compliance with the deadlines requested by the customer, MC has a consolidated team of external partners and laboratories, specialising in industrial design, burning and creating quick prototypes of electronic boards, stereo-lithography of plastic parts, UV printing, certification tests, development of Model Based Design software.

The DFMEA and PFMEA analyses of the potential failure modes of the products being designed make it possible to identify any criticalities and issues before they manifest, and enable the company to reach Total Quality through immediate containment and corrective actions as early as the design phase.

Thanks to the long experience of the highly specialized and transversal technical team, MC Electronics is continuously at the research of innovative, standard and custom solutions

Pre-compliance laboratory

MC has internal laboratories equipped with all instruments and equipment to perform – as early as the development phase – full functional tests of the prototypes applied to the customers’ mechanical elements and to thus check compliance with the initial requirements and product performance.

MC owns experimental fields located near the company, where it can fit out complete machines and perform in-field testing on new products, with subsequent analysis and comparison of the results from the soil.

In addition, the company supports OEM customers in their in-field testing campaigns of new products developed, in Italy and abroad.

Product validation

The MC Electronics internal laboratories make it possible to perform a good portion of the Design Validation Plan tests agreed with OEM customers, placing our consolidated experience with the testing specifications of leading global manufacturers at their disposal.

  • Test to check the IP protection rating, in compliance with EN/IEC 60529, against infiltration of water and dust.
  • Endurance test in climate cells, with automatic control of humidity and temperature from -40°C to +120°C.
  • Reliability tests on a vibrating bench aimed at checking resistance to acceleration mechanical stress.
  • Test bench for electrostatic discharges up to ±25KV, to check the reliability of the electronics in case of accidental discharge.
  • Test in anechoic chamber, that allows to perform electromagnetic pre-compliance tests in accordance with EU Directive 2004/108/EC and the applied EN ISO 14982 standard.

To obtain the final certificate, they are tested by certified independent laboratories.


Experimental fields

MC Electronics has set aside 5 hectares of land as experimental fields in order to test the products and solutions directly in the fields



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