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Co-Development is a creative process that stems from close collaboration between MC Electronics and its Customers, and which aims to create innovative products in response to the new requirements and challenges posed by the precision farming machine market.

Each design phase is carried out by a transversal team, composed of a group of MC designers and Project Managers that collaborates with the customer’s technicians and stakeholders.

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Step 1 – Feasibility study:

Following the initial NDA (non-disclosure agreement), the transversal development team engages in an intense exchange of information between MC and the customer, which leads to sharing the requirements, goals and ideas to achieve them, which are then concentrated in the design’s initial specifications.

Subsequently, the detailed planning of all phases of the design’s development allows MC Project managers to fully comply with the deadlines and development costs agreed with the customer.


Step 2 – Design review:

The close collaboration between MC and the customer continues throughout the development of the design, with periodic design review meetings, to align the progress statuses and the achievement of the milestones agreed, the results of the tests on prototypes, new ideas and share each other’s experiences. Change management actions are implemented in accordance with any additional customer requirements, so that the product always meets expectations.


Step 3 – Prototyping:

The advanced tools and MC’s internal and external resources make it possible to create fast prototypes of firmware, electronic boards, plastic parts and all components, so as to, very soon, start assembling fully functional prototypes for precision farming, ready to be applied and tested in the laboratory and on the customer’s machines.

Joint development and testing goes on like this for subsequent fine-tuning of the prototypes, which makes it possible to quickly identify the most effective solutions and directly check that the performance expected is reached.


Step 4 – Validation and in-field testing:

MC gives customers access to its laboratories; the laboratories are equipped to perform the majority of tests envisaged in the specifications of leading global manufacturers.

In addition, MC has its own experimental fields to test new precision farming products directly in the field, under real operation conditions.

Lastly, MC Electronics supports customers during their in-field testing campaigns, in Italy and abroad.


Step 5 – MC Academy:

The company organises training for customers, at its own internal Academy.

During training, MC technical personnel provides customers with the theoretical and practical means for the management of MC precision farming products, aiming to contribute to and expand the skills of the customer’s Service and help it act independently.

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