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MC Academy, founded inside MC Electronics, is a training project for the divulgation of specific skills, with the aim of training young students, OEM customers and distributors, thanks to modern tools that make it possible to get to know all MC electronic products.

MC Elettronica offers periodic technical/commercial courses, intended to offer specific training to its customers (OEM, agents, distributors) before launching new products on the market.
Thanks to the technical skills of the highly specialised internal personnel, the academy offers all theoretical and practical advice on how to use MC tools, as well as illustrating the latest products and the operational means of managing them.

The technical training of its customers is an indispensable element for providing an increasingly qualified product that adapts to market needs, in compliance with constantly evolving legislation. The training, however, does not end when a course ends; it continues. In fact, MC Electronics brings the customer to the field, proving the actual quality of the product directly installed on the machine.

In addition, the company periodically plays host to high school and university students for training internships, offering them the opportunity to test themselves while they are still studying. The specialised internal personnel place their technical knowledge at the students’ disposal, with the goal of transmitting new skills in the field of electronics for agriculture.

The internships can also take place during the drafting of bachelor’s theses on topics related to automation and control applications in agriculture.
Thanks to this initiative, students acquire new SKILLS that will play a crucial role in their future choices.

The pluses of MC ACADEMY:

  • it is a place where people, other than being recipients of training courses, are also actively involved in the development and sharing of skills and abilities, in the dissemination of the corporate culture and in the continuous innovation of processes with the goal of contributing to the furtherance of the company’s mission;
  • it offers customised training courses with the goal of developing new valuable skills, for the achievement of short-term business objectives;
  • it attracts young talent, disseminates the corporate culture and values to the outside world, through programmes of collaboration with Universities, schools and research centres.
  • it encourages growth and sustainability, promoting projects whose implementation can involve partnerships between undertakings and the territory.


"MC Electronics motivates and feeds the aspirations of all, because passion, a willingness to act and good training are the foundations of the future, innovation, and excellence."

Research and Development

Great flexibility, high quality service and consolidated know-how, allow to MC Elettronica to meet the numerous market needs with increasingly innovative and competitive products



The use of the most modern methodologies applied to industrial production processes, guarantees repetitiveness and high quality of products.


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