Students visit to Mc Electronics

24 January 2024

MC Electronics enthusiastically welcomed Santa Maria Maddalena (Italy) secondary schools students. It was an extraordinary opportunity for the students, who had the chance to explore every corner of the enterprise, across our offices, production area, research and development department. We believe it is crucial to open doors to the new generations, bridge the gap between school and working world, share our passion for our work with the youth, and be a source of inspiration to assist them in their future choices. Photo Gallery

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MC Academy – Electronic Control Systems for Seeders Technical Training

27 May 2023

On 25 May 2023, we organized a commercial training on new products at the MC Elettronica headquarters, dedicated to our distributor for Italy Spektra Agri. Thanks to our MC Academy, we have illustrated the characteristics and functions of electronic control systems for precision/row seed drills and their advantages. We thank Spektra Agri for their participation and collaboration. Having an Academy in your company is a strategic investment that allows you to offer your customers adequate and continuous training, and to create long-lasting and profitable relationships with them over time. Training is the key to success! Here are some significant moments during the training:

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MC Academy – Seeding system technical training

5 August 2021

MC Academy never stops! On Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd August 2021, we had the pleasure of hosting the technical team of Nik, our Bulgarian customer, for a training on MC Elettronica complete systems dedicated to the control and monitoring of row seeding and precision seeding. For MC Elettronica, technical and commercial courses with its customers are an essential element to provide an increasingly qualified product suitable to market needs. Our specialized technicians prepare specific training sessions on the needs of the individual customer, to increase their skills. The training path begins in the internal Academy of the company with the theoretical notions on the products, and then continues in the field, where all the functionality and quality of the systems installed directly on the machine are tested. Here are some significant moments during the two days of training.

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Expansion of Production Area

15 February 2021

With the goal of the continuous improvement of the company's production, MC Elettronica, this year, completed the expansion of its production area, increasing the logistic area by 500 square meters, for a total usable space of 2500 sqm.The introduction of innovative technologies and methodologies for the improvement of industrial production processes, allows the company to offer increasingly competitive products than meet the needs of the market, while reducing the time to market. Despite some slowdowns related to Covid-19 pandemic, the expansion was completed, as planned, before the end of the year, and the new production area was inaugurated on Saturday, December 12th

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MC Academy – Technical Training

30 January 2020

Thanks to our internal Academy, we constantly train customers with the aim to transmit to them new skills related to our products.On Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 January 2020, we gave a technical training course addressed to our French distributor Vantage Nord – Trimble and personalised to meet their specific needs. Our specialised technicians illustrated in detail the operation of our most innovative control electronic systems for plantingand row sowing.

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News products 2020

14 January 2020

PREVIEW: NEW FROM MC ELETTRONICA IN 2020presented at the Trade Fair AGRITECHNICA 2020 USC-PRO - UNIVERSAL SEEDER CONTROLUSC-PRO is a modular system for air drills designed to monitor and control all machine functions: blockage monitor, variable rate and tramline.New! Fitting the USC-PRO system with the new PRO-SEEDER seed sensors, which allow you to count and check the seed flow, ELIMINATING SEED DRILL CALIBRATION.MORE INFO PRO-SEEDER SEED SENSORThe PRO-SEEDER seed sensor makes it possible to count the seeds and monitor the flow for each individual seed drill row. Thanks to the integrated seed sensor, the seed drill requires no calibration, as it is possible to set the number of seeds/ha as well as kg/ha.MORE INFO PRO-VALVEThe new PRO-VALVE motorised electric valve allows the operator to close the sowing rows when Tramline type operations are required (automatic row exclusion with GPS systems).MORE INFO ESD ISOBUS - ELECTRONIC SEED DRIVERESD is a simple and modular system for planters that electrifies the sowing and fertiliser distributors by means of Brushless motors, eliminating all mechanical seed drill transmission.MORE INFO UNI-SEEDER SEED SENSORUNI-SEEDER is a special seed sensor, which, unlike traditional ones, can be configured to vary its performance. Thanks to a microcontroller, it assures a direct analysis of the analogue signals from the IR receivers.MORE INFO HYDRA 700The HYDRA 700 system can be applied on sprayers, atomizers and inter-row cultivators. It is a universal system that uses CAN BUS and ISOBUS technology.MORE INFO ECU BRIDGE ISOBUSThe ECU BRIDGE ISOBUS control unit makes it possible to interface the MC electronic systems with any UNIVERSAL TERMINAL or ISOBUS tractor (of different brands and features). The control unit communicates with the MC electronics through a proprietary CAN protocol and then transmits the information, processed according to the ISO 11783/6 communication protocol, to the ISOBUS UT located on the tractor.MORE INFO

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Confagricoltura Rovigo event

10 January 2020

Electronic systems for precision farming On the occasion of the event organised by the trade association Confagricoltura Rovigo on 21 November 2019, MC Elettronica had the pleasure of being invited to speak on the interesting topic of “Electronic systems for precision farming”. Our speakers were tasked with explaining to the many attendees the evolution of Precision Farming in Italy and around the world. To make people understand the importance of this innovative way of thinking of agriculture, we had to show the new technological tools that are now available on the market, and all the benefits that derive from their use.

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Experimental fields

13 October 2019

Thanks to 5 ha of land earmarked as experimental fields, normally used to test its Control Electronic Systems directly in the field, MC Elettronica played host to the 2019 edition of Agricamp.The first experiment, open to 7 different manufacturers, was performed on 16 March, with corn sowing tests. Following this test, periodic samples were taken from the field. The sampling was followed by the analysis and comparison by sector experts of all data obtained from the plants’ growth; lastly, these data were presented to the public in September 2019.

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KIT ESD 2 technical training course

27 June 2019

MC Academy never stops!On Thursday 27 June 2019, at our headquarters, we held a technical training course entirely dedicated to the ESD KIT, for the electrification of mechanical planters. The training, addressed to our Italian dealers, aimed to provide detailed explanations on how the entire kit works. During the training, the attendees were able to learn the characteristics of the system’s individual components, the operation of the software, and discuss diagnostics and the resolution of any issues.At the end of the course - which lasted 4 hours - participants received a training certificate.We would like to thank all attendees for their attention and the interest they showed during the training.

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ESD ISOBUS Technical Training Course – Matermacc

25 June 2019

MC Elettronica is a firm believer in constant training, which is why it organises technical and customised training for its customers.On Tuesday 25 March 2019, MC ACADEMY held a technical training course on the ESD ISOBUS system for the electrification of planters.The training, addressed exclusively to the technicians of the manufacturer Matermacc, aimed at training attendees on the operation of the entire system, starting with its individual components, through the operation of the software, and ending with diagnostics and the resolution of any issues.At the end of the course - which lasted 4 hours - participants received a training certificate.We would like to thank all attendees for their attention and the interest they showed during the training.

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