Case studies

Customer need:

Monitoring the seed flow in sowing pipes via a compact and reliable sensor having a competitive cost.

MC Elettronica solution:

MC has developed a new Row sowing seed sensor, which monitors the flow of seeds, signalling any blocks along the seed pipe, also in difficult work conditions. In fact, the seed sensor can automatically compensate for the dust on as many as 10 levels. This feature makes the sensor work for the entire season without needing to be cleaned.

The seed sensor has been developed in two versions: analogue and digital. The main feature of the digital version is that it can connect the seed sensors via CAN network, thereby enabling auto-identification, numbering and autonomous power supply. Thanks to this process, there will not be a cascade interruption if a sensor is damaged.

The seed sensors are equipped with a LED indicator that makes it easier to understand the status of the seed sensor: OK / BLOCKED / DIRTY.

Customer feedback:

The customer has integrated the seed sensors in their machines, testing them in the laboratory and in the field. The excellent results of the tests have confirmed MC Electronics as one of the world leaders of Electronic Systems for Agricultural Machines, and has made Pottinger choose the MC Electronics solution even more, which represents the best option on the market in terms of quality/price.

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