Case studies

Customer need/problem:

Improve the precision sowing seed count performance. In this particular case, it was necessary to simplify seed drill management when changing the type of seed.

MC Elettronica solution:

MC has designed a new Seed Count Sensor concept based on the use of a new, highly efficient microprocessor with innovative features. A new series of sensors was created (UNISEEDER) to manage the variations in the types of seeds (dimension, shape, weight) and the passing speed. In addition, proprietary algorithms were generated, which have enabled, among other things, to compensate, in an extremely efficient manner, for the problems related to counting, such as the dust, various debris and the different level of temperature and humidity in the various conditions of use.

Customer feedback:

The customer has integrated our technology in their machines and wanted to verify the benefits of the new solution both in the laboratory and in the field, comparing our sensor with the best reference sensors on the market, even at a much higher price than ours; to look for the MC limit:
Well, the results that were communicated to us have highlighted MC’s supremacy in the field of sensors for agriculture, even exceeding the performance levels of products considered top level in terms of price and performance.

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