Case studies

Customer need/problem:

Management of all machine functions. In this particular case, they must control the hydraulic and Tram Line handling, lighting management and monitoring of the airflow, seeds and levels of material distributed.

MC Elettronica solution:

MC has developed a new Row Seed drill control system, based on the use of a new control unit with innovative features that can manage and monitor all machine functions.
A new line of systems has been created (USC / USC-PRO / USC-ISO) that fully manage the machine from a single monitor/terminal;

Customer feedback:

The customer has integrated our technology in their machines, verifying the benefits of the new system both in the laboratory and in the field, comparing our system with the best reference systems on the market, even at a much higher price than ours;
The results that were communicated have highlighted that the customer has achieved and exceeded the requested handling level and lighting management and monitoring of material distributed. As a result of this, the customer has planned to adopt the USC system in the various versions on all the machines in their product line.

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