Case studies

Customer need/problem:

The need of our customer Kuhn-Rauch was to have a shut-off valve on pneumatic seed distribution, which would also be able to check the passage and possible count of the seeds. All with only one valve body.

MC Elettronica solution:

MC Elettronica has developed the valve/sensor concept integrating, in the said valve body, a highly reliable electro-actuated valve and an optical sensor able to detect and count the seeds when passing through. The Sensor Valve MS-10 was thereby created, which has raised the expectations of the sector and which represents the reference benchmark in the pneumatic row sowing. In addition to intercepting the sowing flow when needed (Tramline or prescription maps), this valve not only checks the seed flow block, but also enables management of any corrections when the seed count is below a certain pre-set threshold.

Customer feedback:

The valve has determined an unexpected commercial success of the machines where it is installed and has exceeded the expected performance levels in the design and development stage, representing the model from which to draw inspiration for all competitors in the sector.

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