• EIMA 2021

    MC ELETTRONICA will be present with many news at EIMA 2020/2021, in the international fair for AGRICULTURAL AND GARDENING machines, on the following dates and modalities:    Digital Event "EIMA Digital Preview&quo …

  • Precision Farming Experimental Fields

    MC Elettronica assigned 5 hectares of experimental fields ground, for the direct test of the products on the field. All new developed products, in fact, in addition to being subjected to numerous lab tests, are also installed on the mach …


    Your key to success!

    MC ELETTRONIC–ź becomes ACADEMY, the company motivate and feed everyone’s ambitions. Wherever there are main key elements as: passion, interest to get high knowledge level, there is future, innovation and …

  • PRO-SEEDER seed counter photocell for AIR DRILLS

    Precise, modular and versatile photocell, allows to COUNT and test the seeds passage for each single row for seed drills, with automatic dust compensation. To be able to work correctly, the PRO-SEEDER photocells are connec …

  • KIT ESD - Electronic Seed Driver


    MC elettronica, in order to satisfy Precision Farming concept, present to market an innovative KIT ESD (Electronic Driver Seed) allows the custumers to switch any pneumatic precision seeder with mechanical movements (Chain or …

  • TCS 32 VALVE

    The evolution for precision sowing

    The electric motorized valve TCS 32 3-ways, with internal rotary “guillotine” system allows an ON / OFF operation type. Suitable to pneumatic seed drills (positive pressure), allowing the operator to rows shut-off when Tramline …


    Modern and slim "case" ONLY 25 mm thick

    The new Virtual Terminals series SLIM 3.5” and 7” with proprietary operating system, available in both the stand-alone and built-in version, featuring a modern, compact, light and ergonomic case, ONLY 25 mm thick, join …

  • EVO T-1

    EVO T-1ABSOLUTELY NEW PRODUCT IN AGRICULTURE WORLD    It is a simple programming tool that enables autonomous OEM customers to develop their own software applications for any machine on MC Elettronica hardware. …

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Designing and manufacturing of products for agricultural machinery

MC Elettronica is a leading provider of precision farming solutions and innovative agriculture equipment for forward-looking companies and farmers all over the world. We develop and manufacture high quality precision farming equipment for agriculture of tomorrow improving fleets of modern combine harvesters, tractors, seeders, sprayers, balers, wrappers and fertilizer spreaders and more machinery.

We provide our customers with new technologies for quick yet functional customization and renovation of agriculture equipment according to specific needs realized in tailored hardware and software. MC Elettronica actively promotes new technologies applying advanced precision farming in agricultural sector.

MC Elettronica remains a reliable partner of the most important national and international OEMs for over 35 years. Its strength lies in its capability to create fresh design solutions for precision agriculture equipment and its passion about setting new standards in seeding, spraying and harvesting technology to ensure clients’ commitments. Our strategy is based on our clients’ needs, social responsibility and environmental protection. Optimizing consumption of seeds, fertilizers and fuel we provide sustainable agricultural solutions to protect the environment.

We use innovative look on common farming processes paying attention to important aspects of precision farming solutions. As a result, we combine smart digital solutions, elaborated ideas and attention to details as core values in developing hi-tech devices for agriculture.

Our products are characterized by technological and innovative content. Detailed options and improved adjustment provide comprehensive automation and optimization of entire productive ecosystem according to specific requirements and needs. MC Elettronica precision agriculture equipment turn customization process into a true work of art.  

Extensive portfolio defines our company as a leading developer of precision farming solutions. We design high tech automation devices for precision agriculture equipment: computers, integrated electronic components and systems for seeding, spraying and harvesting. Wide range of intelligence systems covers also industrial application such as earthmoving and drilling machines, street sweepers and more vehicles.

Among the variety of precision farming devices, we produce electronic dashboards, monitors and control units as well as integrated management systems for combine harvesters, tractors, spray booms, atomizers and seeders. We pay particular attention to extended ISOBUS compatibility for all types of agricultural machinery. Our company also produces industrial electronic panels, sensors, valves, monitor and photocells for seeding automation, virtual terminals, ECU and counters.

We bring smart automation and precision farming equipment to the new level developing high-return innovative technologies for the future of agricultural sector.

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